Transforming The Way Your Vessel Operates

  • Vessel Reporting Systems

    We constantly ensure that your vessels maintain their ETA or fuel consumption at any given voyage, and we deliver noon-reports directly to your inbox.

  • Performance Optimization

    Our ship performance cloud software system provides you with voyage observations and analyses on hull, propeller and energy efficiencies.

  • Freight Costing

    It is important to categorise costs and to make sure that ship operating costs breakdown is understood the same way by all the stakeholders.

  • Fuel Inventory

    UP TO 15 PERCENT FUEL SAVINGS. Our system has a track record of ensuring clients a reduction of up to 15 percent of the total consumption

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Developing a high quality reporting service has been one of our main priorities since the beginning. We offer high quality reports through our LC Voyager Onboard platform, which can be easily installed onboard all of your vessels.
To guarantee the highest quality, we perform up to 100 data quality checks before the reports are sent out.

  • High Secure Cloud Based Subscription Service.

  • Simple, Intuitive Interfaces. No Licencing and Hardware Costs

  • Zero Capital Costs, Zero Investment Risk

  • Easy Installation. Quick set up and modular add.

Noon Report

Generate different types of Reports

In making the voyage tracking to be efficient in all aspects, our application generates different types of report on the basis of different events. In such a way, it aids in building a rapport amongst those events during the entire voyage period. This in turn paves way for a smooth process throughout.

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you need!

  • Port Performance

    The operational performance of a port is generally measured in terms of the speed with which a vessel is despatched, the rate at which cargo is handled and the idle and discharge duration that cargo stays in port prior to shipment or post discharge.

  • Fuel Performance

    Based on the LC Voyager fuel and energy performance management. It offers a valuable dashboard to ship charters, allowing them to monitor and compare their vessel's or fleet's performance fuel performance in real-time and/or based on daily reports

  • Cargo Performance

    Our cargo monitoring and control system is a highly integrated system incorporating level gauging, temperature and pressure monitoring

  • Weather Reporting

    Our solution for Weather Routing gives Vessel Operators the ability to both plan and activate voyages directly through the Voyager Online platform.


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In short, the pricing is regulated as per the rise of voyage needs. It comes with a flexible range of pricing support to get the fleet in action with nil snag.